A plank is a new type of exercise which is getting really popular in America. It is a strength exercise that involves maintaining a difficult position for extended periods of time. The plank helps build up your abs and your lower back which is very important for your overall body. So start doing some planks and start improving your overall health!
  Allen Mak
  平板支撐,一種新型的運動,在美國變得越來越流行。 它是一種力量型運動,它需要維持一個不容易的姿勢相當長的時間。平板支撐幫助你鍛煉腹肌,以及對全身很重要的下背部的力量。那麼(現在就)做一些平板支撐,開始改善你整體的健康狀況吧!   (原標題:Plank)


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